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Mrs. Lovett
Posted by alison24601 on 2006.01.24 at 09:42
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Entry count: 3
We desperately need more ladies and gentlemen! I know you can do it. Please, please, send in some secrets!
I am extending the current submission post unitil the end of January.

In other news, we have a new affiliate, broadwaysecrets. So go check them out too.


The New Submissions Post Number One

Posted by alison24601 on 2006.01.13 at 11:09
On the very wise advice of superhero_girrl, we do, in fact, have a new submissions post. If you have already submitted your secret to the old post, there is no need to re-submit, but any new ones should go here. This will be the
January 13th - January 31st Submission Post



Posted by alison24601 on 2006.01.13 at 10:12
Current Mood: happyhappy
Hi there, I'm Alison, one of your new mods. Very excited to be here :o)
Thank you so much to the two people who have, so far, submitted secrets, but of course we want more!!!
You can still submit secrets to Submission Post Number One. Just pretend it doesn't say December 6th to 20th and go to town. Seriously, we want as many secrets as we can get, and we know you all have them!
If you are unsure of what sort of things are generally submitted to communities like this, check out communities such as rentsecrets, hansonsecrets, or ljsecret for some really spiffy examples.

In conclusion:
Go! Go now! Run off and make some secrets!
You'll be glad that you did :o)
(I feel, by the way, that this is a good time to mention that submitting more than one secret (aka as many as possible) is not only allowed, but certainly grounds for receiving many a karmic reward. . .)

Oh, also, if anyone wants to promote (and we would love you more than Remus loves chocolate if you did) there is a banner right behind this cutCollapse )that you can use if you wish. Or promote without a banner! Or make your own if you don't like this one! There is an endless plethora of possibilities!

Minds have been changed, and we are going to have a new submissions post. There is no need to re-submit any previously submitted secrets, but you should submit any new secrets in an anonymous comment here.

Announcement #1

Posted by superhero_girrl on 2006.01.10 at 15:24
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Announcement #1
New Mods!

As I mentioned about a week ago, I'm unable to keep this community as my own because I don't have the time to dedicate to it that I originally thought I had. I haven't been able to get it out there like I had liked to so it's just been sitting here, stagnant. So rather than just up and delete it, I asked for people to take it from me, because I hate when people just delete a community with no warning.

Luckily alison24601 and riseupshakedown have both offered to take over the community, so it's not going to go anywhere! I decided to give the community to the both of them because, once people learn about it and start submitting secrets, I think it'd be good for there to be two mods. Not to mention, with two mods, that's twice the chances that it will get promoted and grow to become a successful secrets community.

I'll be sticking around to watch the community as a friend, but this post marks my resignation as mod, and immediately after alison24601 and riseupshakedown accept the moderating invitations, I will be de-modding myself and handing the community over to them, so welcome them aboard and treat them well!

Update on Community Deletion

Posted by superhero_girrl on 2006.01.09 at 11:28
Current Mood: sadsad
There are two more days left until I will delete this community if someone else doesn't wish to take it on. If you're interested in modding hpsecrets or know someone who is, please leave a comment here within the next two days.


Posted by superhero_girrl on 2006.01.04 at 01:48
Current Mood: busy
Unfortunately, this community hasn't nearly taken off the way that I had hoped it would, (I only got 2 secrets in the entire time it's been open). I don't have the time to promote it and gather more members. I still think it's a good idea though, so I'm not about to delete it. However, seeing as I don't know much in the way of how to go about promoting it, and, in the off-chance that it becomes popular, I don't think I can handle the responsibility that might come with having a secrets community.

That being said, this community is up for grabs, so to speak. If you're interested in taking on the maintaining job for hpsecrets, please comment here and let me know. I want to make sure that, whoever decides to take it on will do a good job and not just let the idea die. Just comment to this entry if you want to take this community from me. If I don't hear from anyone within a week's time, I will have no choice but to completely delete the community.

Thanks in advance!!

Community Update!

Posted by superhero_girrl on 2005.12.15 at 04:19
Current Mood: determined
As you can see, we're still a fairly small community. I have only received 1 submission for the week of December 6th - December 13th.

That being said, I'm going to keep the submissions post open for another week. Please, by all means, spread the word of this community, (just don't do it where it doesn't belong please, I'd like to steer clear of trouble if possible). I'm going to try to work on getting the word spread myself, but seeing as I run a few other communities and I'm not even 100% sure where to advertise this one, I've hesitated in doing so.

If you're unsure about what sort of secrets belong in this community, well, pretty much anything related to Harry Potter, (secrets about the books, the fandom, the movies, JK Rowling, the actors/actresses, etc.), is considered acceptable.

So, spread the word and eventually we'll get this community up and running, I promise!

Before I close this entry, remember:
Submit Secrets Here!


Posted by superhero_girrl on 2005.12.06 at 18:28
submissions post # 1
December 6th - December 20th.

Please post your secrets for the next week here!

**Submissions period has been extended!